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Work and Earn With Data Surge

Data Surge is a FREE TO USE app that help manage data for doctors and Hospitals.
Did you know you can work and earn with Data Surge by becoming a facilitator.

What is my role as a facilitator?
1. Introduce data surge to any hospital in Nigeria. (you can do a demonstration on the demo app
2. Help them with registration, submitting their data collection template and payment of setup fee of ₦5,000 per form
3. Help them with installing Data surge on Desktop and Phone if needed
3. Earn 50% of the setup fee.

How can I start?
To begin, follow the steps below
1. Fill the form below.
2. Register on the Main App at and register as a facilitator. 

3. Watch Data Surge Tutorials.
4. Know how to
–install Data Surge On Desktop and phone
–Know how to Register or create an Account on Data Surge
–Know how to submit data collection template.

Can I earn more?
To earn more
1. Refer another facilitator and earn ₦500 every time they register a new client.