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Data Surge is a FREE TO USE Application for Health data management and research that aims to solve the problem of lack of RELIABLE, UPDATED health data in Nigeria.

Easy Data entry

It only takes a minute to enter data into the App using a smart form.

Export data

You can export your data into an Excel Spreadsheet for analysis/research.

IMport data

Data can be imported from an Excel Spreadsheet into Data Surge


Have your data automatically analysed as they are entered.

Archive Presentations

Save unit or departmental presentations/lectures for reference later.

WE setup

No worries about setup, just upload your questionnaire and we set it up.

No Need For Paper Questionnaire or proforma

No need to go through the stress of printing questionnaires or proformas, collecting data and typing collected data into excel spreadsheet. Collect Data with Data Surge from your mobile phone and export your data to excel spreadsheet with a single click.

Data Surge

Laptop or Mobile Device

Collect data on the go right from your mobile phone or use our Desktop App. Whichever you choose, your data is safe and within your control.


Did you know that DataSurge is a “FREE TO USE” Application that aims to solve the problem of lack of accurate health data in Nigeria. We are sustained by donations from people like you who see the importance of the work we do.¬†

Get Started

Are you ready to begin?


Hey, want to have a sit down with the Data Surge Team. You can reach us via any means below.



Setup fee May Apply.

Meet The Founder

Dr. Akpareva Ewomazino

My name is Dr. Akpareva Ewomazino. I am from Delta state, Nigeria. I trained at the prestigous Lagos State University College of Medicine, Ikeja, Lagos.

Data is important to measure progress in every sector and it is the foundation on which realistic goals are set.

I created Data Surge to solve the problem of lack of reliable, updated data in Nigeria’s healthcare sector.

I have invested the little I have into the Data Surge Project to make it FREE TO USE across Nigeria. I appeal to you to support this project by donating and/or spreading the word.

Data Surge can be used FREE OF CHARGE for personal research by doctors across Nigeria.
This, I hope would be the first of many projects from my team to the Healthcare system.

Akpareva Ewomazino | O7O5 131 6235

Frequently asked questions

Data Surge is a Research oriented Data Management Application that helps you organize your data, making it accessible for research/analysis.

Data Surge can be used buy students, teachers, doctors, researchers and any one who needs to collect and manage data.

Data Surge is a free to use data management app.

Data Surged is sustained by donations from individuals like you who see the importance os the work we do.

Yes, there is a setup fee of N5,000 per data collection form setup

Only those with Login credentials can use the App.

Yes the app is backed up multiple times a day on two different locations.

We can deploy Data Surge App for a Department of about 10 Units/Teams in less than 24hours.

Yes, we are available to help you make the best of the Data Surge App.

We have implemented the best security measures such as,
1. SSL certificate installation
2. Hosting on a secure Virtual Private Server.
3. Using world class security service.
4. Multiple layers of user verification. e.t.c